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About us

Metaco specializes in metal fabrication. We are highly competitive in welding fabrication and powder coating, with products range from high precision machinery parts to high quality exterior furniture parts.
We provide argon arc welding and carbon dioxide arc welding of various metals including cold rolled steel, galvanized tubes, stainless steel sheets or tubes, and machined parts. Normal working process includes laser cutting, punching and forming of sheet metals, sawing, drilling, and bending of tubes and pipes. After welding and polishing or sandblasting, powder coating is frequently taken as surface finishing.
We specialize in fast prototyping and will do one piece within short time. Our skilled workers can do large volume machinery parts with required precision. With a variety of machining service partners, we are able to combine the machined parts to assemblies.
Our know-how in powder coating endows the products with high quality surface at controlled cost. Kaizen quality improvement system ensures quality at each process.
Our factory is located in Yantai city, which is a comparatively low cost area and near seaports. We have been exporting to America, Australia, Canada and Japan with repeat orders.
With the competition in quality and cost, we aim for supplying parts and assemblies to OEM principals.



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